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  1. I'm an old salt that owns a parkerized Model 58. It is a darned good "persuader" when the chips are down! Get back in touch wne you get more information on any 210-grain, 1000 fps loads.


    1. Captain O,thanks for your input...A "parkerized" Model 58 sounds like a custom after-market finish...Very interesting...210 Gr.loads are quite popular and just about every ammunition maker offers their own variation...The brands that I have in my private supply are rated slightly over 1000 fps (more like 1100 to 1250)...I don't recall any current factory rounds that are cooler...Perhaps hand-loading may be the answer in order to get exactly what you are looking for...Referring to a reloading manual printed by any of the leading component makers will certainly give you more information...

    2. BTW:The Model 58 happens to be one of my favorite 41 Magnum revolvers...Definitely an effective "persuader"...